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How to start your first business in 48 hours

Do you dream of owning your own business?

Learn about common barriers that keep you from starting your own business, how to overcome them, and how you become a better version of yourself.

In this podcast episode of Deep Dive, the host Ali Abdaal speaks with Noah Kagan. The successful entrepreneur behind AppSumo, a multimillion dollar software company, and author of the book “The Million dollar Weekend”.


Red Bull’s billionaire maniac founder: Dietrich Mateschitz

Creating a new product is one. But innovating the entire field of marketing is something else.

Discover the journey of Red Bull’s founder Dietrich Mateschitz! Listen to his crazy stories, lessons and more in this podcast by Founders.

AutobiographicEntrepreneurshipMarketing and sales

Tony Fadell: iPhone, iPod and Nest

Tony Fadell shares insights on the creation of the iPod, focusing on solving a pain point, delivering joy, and the importance of marketing to reveal the product's value to consumers.

Listen to all the wisdom in Tony Fadell’s personal journey in this episode of the Lex Fridman podcast!


How Smartphones & Social Media Impact Mental Health & the Realistic Solutions

There’s been a dramatic rise of suicide, depression, and anxiety. For many children and adults their relationship with their smartphone plays a large role.

In this podcast Dr. Jonathan, a professor in Social Psycholog at the New York University talks about how technology and the current culture impacts the health of kids, teens, and adults.

Tip: go directly to 6.23min to skip the sponsor talks.

HealthScienceSociety and culture

Making the most of your mistakes

Mistakes and failure are the beginning of every great succes.

While some errors are inevitable and valuable for growth, it is crucial to avoid preventable ones and address the consequences of mistakes effectively. Developing a mindset or culture that is resilient enough to bounce back after failure is essential.

Tune into the Hidden Brains Podcast to discover how to turn mistakes into opportunities for growth. Learn strategies to make the most of your mistakes and foster a resilient, success-oriented mindset.


Innovation 2.0: Do less

Less is more. But how?

This podcast is an awesome conversation about how you can use innovation and the right mindset to be more efficient.

We’re always looking to create the next genius idea or product. However, some of the best ideas are not grounded in creation but in subtraction. Want to know more? Listen to the podcast!


The impact of gratitude, serving others, embracing mortality, and living intentionally

Do you enjoy life?

In this podcast best-selling author Walter Green shares his unique perspective on life and how some key life lessons learned him to enjoy life to the fullest.

Do you want to learn how to create deeper connections with other people, and gratitude, and how purpose contributes to your happiness? Listen to the podcast!


Translating passion into purpose

How do you reach your dreams? Well, all it takes is consistent action.

This podcast dives into the challenges when reaching for your goals. How do you take radical action? How to be a leader? And how do you manage self-discipline with self-compassion?


Science vs Meditation

Let’s talk about meditation!

  • Can it reduce your stress?
  • Does it reduce your focus?
  • Can it really help your mental health?

Discover where meditation came from and how you can use it right now in your daily life!


Overcoming the challenges of getting clients

Getting clients can be a challenge. However, it’s just a numbers game. Simple, but not easy.

Watch this short podcast to get some good tips on how to approach sales!

EntrepreneurshipMarketing and salesUnder 15 min

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